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Monday, September 18, 2006

Norwich School of Art & Design


DRAFT minutes of the meeting held on Friday 16 June 2006

Francis House R213 at 10.00am

Present: Resources Manager (Chair), Teaching Facilities Manager, (TFM), Photography WM (WMP), Printmaking WM (WMPr), Textiles WM (WMT), Digital Video WM (WMDV), Animation Sound Design WM (WMASD), Digital Design WM (WMDD), Metal WM (WMM)

1. Apologies for Absence

WM Wood, WM Digital 3D,

2. Minutes of Last WMG Meeting (17.02.06)

Agreed as correct.

3. Matters Arising

a) (5a) Proforma for standard items - action complete

b) (5d) Support Area Evaluations - ACTION: Chair to pursue standardisation of guidelines

c) (5e) Deep Cleaning - (standard item) see agenda item 4

d) (5f) Loaned Equipment Procedure paper - verbal reports received by WMP and list of overdue items have been recorded. Fine system to be introduced. ACTION: WMASD, WMDV & WMP to give summarised list to Chair.

e) (5g) Workshop Stats - (standard item) see agenda item 4

f) (5i) Electronic locks for Cavendish House – ACTION:Chair to pursue with H&SCoord.

g) (5j) Logging of high temperatures – actions complete, 4 devices ordered ACTION: WMDD to distribute these on delivery

h) (5k) Noise level review – 1st action - colleagues received nothing from WMW - carry forward to next meeting

2nd action – last dust survey was pre 1996 ACTION: Chair and WMPr to take to Chair of H&S Committee

i) (5l) New dust mask regulations – actions complete. However, students are not buying the correct masks quite often. ACTION: WMM to speak to H&S Co ord to put posters in place to ensure students buy the correct regulatory masks. ACTION: WMPr & Chair to take to H&S Committee

j) (5n) Workshop Bookings - (standard item) see agenda item 4, 2nd & 3rd actions complete

k) (5p) Lone workers – ongoing. Only one radio in DV for 4 rooms. ACTION: DVWM to email Chair with this info.

ACTION: Photography risk assessments to be reviewed in and sent to H&S Co ord.

Noted that some radio communicators not being turned on. ACTION: Chair to repeat briefing to evening staff

l) (5q) Forklift operation – action completed

m) (5r) Learning & Teaching Strategy – Action no longer relevant as T&L strategy has been re-written

n) (6) Annual Support Area Evaluation - See agenda item 5

o) (9) Disaster Recovery Plan - see agenda item 10

p) (11b) HERA profiles ACTION: Chair & WMDD to raise the reporting progress of HERA at steering group meeting on 22nd June

q) (12a) Noise assessments – action complete. WMDV to follow up with EM

r) (12b) Radios – action complete

s) (12c) First aid pager not working – ACTION Chair to contact EM and Chair of H&S Committee

t) (12d) Taxi firm – ACTION: Chair to contact EM

4. Standing items – workshop reports

Chair asked for opinions on Standing Item report form. Most WMs found this very useful. Colleagues felt this is a good record for the annual evaluation. Issues raised included dirty windows, high temperature issues, equipment breakdowns, overcrowding of workshops, unauthorised persons in the School, deep cleaning and thefts between students.

Workshop attendance records were distributed for discussion on evening and daily statistics and it was agreed that attendance was consisitent, showing an incease before assessments. Chair noted that the School will probably be recruiting 1 more evening technician in drawing workshop in 2006-07.

5. Action plan

No further progress reported. ACTION: Chair to re-circulate the correct action plan

6. External Advisers report

Tim Mancell enjoyed meeting everybody and was full of praise for the School. He feels our process of reporting through the annual evaluation is excellent. He thinks the Workshop pages on the intranet are very impressive. He suggests a funding system in workshops but this is not part of the school's current agenda. He suggests a fining system for late return of equipment or “no show” for a booking.

7. 2006-07 Calendar

Noted dates for WM’s diaries.

ACTION: Chair to contact VSCL as WMM was missed off Visual Studies Course Committee circulation

ACTION; Chair to distribute up to date list to courses and add on to agenda for 22 Sept 06

8. Vouchers for Student Purchases

These will be in denominations of £1, £3, & £5. Chair has passed on WM’s estimates for start up costs to Assisitant Finance Manager who will be evaluating these. Students will use these in School Shop and Workshops then these will be exchanged by Finance. No levy fund in operation next year.

9. Summer Access

Notes on Summer Access from MA co-ordinator’s intranet page were discussed and noted. Access during the summer must be monitored.

10. Disaster Recovery Plan

WMs have made a start on this. Chair is going to work with WMs during the summer to get this started. ACTION: Chair to contact WMs regarding this

11. Equality & Diversity

No comments

12. Health & Safety

Nothing to discuss

13. Any Other Business

Chair brought something up - NOT SURE WHAT THIS WAS KIRK - I must have dozed off!!!

14 Date and Time of Next Meeting

Friday Sept 22nd at 10.00am in new conference room.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Still alive and kicking

Just realised that it's 16 months (!!!) since I've posted here and this is a 'memo to self' to do better and also to say that I've signed up for a VoxBlog that looks like an interesting concept, allowing posting of multiple types of media and tag based searching.

I hope to improve on my blogging consitency in the coming months, if work allows it (!).

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Lyme Regis Warning

This is an English one - if you've seen the fim or read the book of The French Lieutenant's Woman this sign is on the Cobb.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


A fine mix of Italian graphic design.

Bologna, 2004.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Stencil Graffiti Photos

Stencil graffiti - any more collectors out there? Like to hear from you.

This one's from Bologna, Italy.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Camera RAW - What's going on?

Nikon look to close out 3rd party converters, by concealing white balance data.